Who are we?

Our Mission

We provide high quality Broadcast & IT Services, with a personal touch and a crystal clear communication.

Where we’re coming from

With a background in camera operation and handling we noticed the growing gap in the world of media between the traditional way of making videos (e.g. cameras, sound equipment, editing etc.) and IT (e.g. developers, system administrators, network engineers etc.).
We found that the focus and language used in both areas, was (and is) completely different. Whereas TV needs high-bandwidth and lots of storage, the office network was usually not equipped for this at all.
This was the gap that we wanted to close. Which resulted in establishing GoCreate in 2009. We were able to advise our customers, of which 99% were broadcast companies, on the best solution for their needs. On top of that, we knew exactly how to explain to their suppliers what our customers needed in terms of equipment and costs.
Over time we also developed some services ourselves. Even so, the core of what we do is helping our customers to determine their exact IT needs, so that we can find them the best suited solution that’s available in the market. You can count on some independent advice, because we have no ties whatsoever with any supplier out there.

What makes us, us?
Basically, we are a bunch of geeks who love what we do. Give us a router and some cables and we are happy as a clam. Although our personalities are very different, we have a couple of things in common: we all enjoy good food and a good joke. But when it comes to the quality of service we deliver, we don’t joke around. That’s serious business.

Meet our Team.

Here are the faces behind GoCreate. This is our team.


Dietrich De Bruyne CEO, Solutions Architect

Bram GillemonLinux &
Networking Architect

Maxime Van HoveStreaming Solutions Architect

Sofie DelarueFinancial Manager

Bert GielisSystem Engineer

Lorenzo SoetartoSolutions Architect